Or Invisilift

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HUGE scam!!!

They are impossible to deal with in any way shape or form!!

They stole from me and I am furious and frustrated. Oh did I mention broke.

They took money I did not have to spend and now what am I to do!!

An order that was suppose to cost 60.00 ended costing me 217.00 and some odd cents.

You cant cancel correct or get a resolution in any way. They are not a company with integrity. they steal from you and are rude when you call them to correct errors. They lady hung up on me.

Review about: Gee I Wish I Knew The Real Name Of The Company.



Shipping fees do not comport with advertised costs to ship. Confusing ads; I can't believe I was dumb enough to order.


Houston, Texas 1 comment
Not resolved

I ordered this product that would have cost approx. $60.00 and was supposed to get free items. It ended up $217 and some odd cents.

I wanted 2 of each item and they made a huge mistake and charged me a huge amount on the shipping. I tried to call there number to correct the mistake and I got told the order was not showing up. Call back in 24-48 hrs. I called back the next day and got told the order is not showing up. Same story again. Called the third day and was told the order must not have gone thru. There was no record of the order so it must have been cancelled. The next day I check my bank and I was charged.

This is such a scam. So in essence I am charged for something I did not want and cant send it back because I will be charged the 98.00 dollars on the shipping anyway without anything to show for it.!! I feel so violated and robbed!! SEE BELOW!!

This is a rip off. Be careful

BARELIFTS - SET OF 10 2 $10.00 $20.00

BARELIFTS - BONUS SET OF 10 2 $.00 $.00



BARELIFT PETAL COVERS - SET OF 10 8 $10.00 $80.00 (I only wanted 2)

SubTotal $120.00

Shipping & Handling $97.86 (SHIPPING CHARGE IS A SCAM!!)

Tax $.00

Order Total $217.86

Review about: Invisilift.



You can buy these at Walmart for $10.

I'm between a C & D cup.They didn't work for me....all they did was look wrinkled and gave me flat spots so I looked like I had a bad *** job.

And don't believe that gentle adhesive line in the video....those buggers stick HARD and feel like a band-aid being pulled off.The other had part was actually lifting yourself into the same position so that you're even.

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